Richard Mosse - Eastern Congo, 2012

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Here it is! “Chandelier”, my new single. Download it on iTunes. Keep refreshing if it doesn’t show up right away!!

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cometogetherlove asked:
Your so very handsome and your beard is quite marvelous. Do you have an instagram by chance? I neeeed more of your face please :) lol

Haha, that’s kind of you. I’m zacneulieb on Instagram

Extra lazy Saturday with my bud

Take me there

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Ian Crawley - White Light Series, 1997

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Surreal Photography by Kylli Sparre

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Fucking gorgeous

God, I love that city and this photograph. Beautiful

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The sculptures of Mihoko Ogaki are deeply felt.  Her sculptures often deal with the heavy ideas of life and death.  This series titled Milky Ways follows suit.  Plastic sculptures of people inhabit darkened rooms.  Lit from within, the bodies illuminate the surrounding walls and ceiling with a starry-like pattern.  Each body carries a universe within it, projecting it out onto the world around it – it isn’t difficult to draw out a metaphor from there.  It is further interesting to contrast the dark unlit plastic bodies in the well lit gallery against the glowing beings alone in the middle of the dark room.

I will always love and reblog this. Hands-down my favorite piece of art and sculpture. The concept and execution go straight for your core.